Downsizing Services, Georgian Triangle, ON

Let us simplify and take the stress from moving with our downsizing services.

There are many reasons people are choosing to downsize more often nowadays. Whether your home is larger than you need or want now, you want to spend more time adventuring and less time lawn-mowing, or perhaps you are helping an aging parent move into a care facility, downsizing can be difficult. Here at On Pointe Concierge, we want to make the trying process of downsizing less stressful and more streamlined for everyone involved with our downsizing services.

Downsizing Services in Georgian Triangle, Ontario

When you call upon On Pointe Concierge to assist you with the downsizing process of your Georgian Triangle, Ontario home, you will wonder how you ever completed a move without us! With professional organizers, movers, and extra hands and feet to spare, our downsizing services will make quick work out of the packing and moving process that is required. In addition to helping you sort out your possessions, we will help you take care of the items that didn’t make the cut to be taken to the new home. We can do things like arrange for an extra garbage pickup, take things to donation centers or help you place ads for items you would like to sell.

Once your items have been sorted, organized and boxed, our downsizing services don’t stop! We are also able to use our skills to be anything from a personal assistant who can help you make phone calls to a personal shopper who can run out to your favorite restaurant to bring you home a treat after a long moving day. The downsizing process can be hard, but with downsizing services from On Pointe Concierge, the only regrets that you will have is that we weren’t around for all your previous moves! To learn more about downsizing services, please give us a call today.

Downsizing Services in Collingwood, ON