How to Simplify the Personal Party Planning Process

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Having a party is an enjoyable occasion, but the party planning process? Not nearly as fun as the party itself! If you are in charge of planning a party for just a few guests or for several, you might wish that there was an easier way to get your personal party planning done. Here at On Pointe Concierge, we would love to help you with a few tips to simplify the personal party planning process for your next party.

stick with proven methods if you are new to personal party planning

  • First, give yourself plenty of time. While you might be able to order extras of everything else from food to drinks to cocktail napkins, you can’t get yourself more time. Start with the biggest decisions first such as the date, the venue and the guest list, and divide other tasks into more manageable pieces over time.
  • Second, know your strengths! If you love to cook but are hopeless at decorating, enlist the help of a decorator and allow yourself to focus on the parts of personal party planning you actually enjoy!
  • Third, stick with proven methods if you are new to personal party planning. If you aren’t comfortable planning parties, there is no need to start with a new and trendy party. Instead, go for methods that have been proven tested and successful.
  • Finally, have backup! Professionals like ours at On Pointe Concierge can get you extra ice or cocktail napkins on very short notice, find you extra parking spaces and even help you decorate or find a seamstress. Having a professional like ones from On Pointe Concierge can be your secret weapon to pulling off personal party planning.

For more personal party planning tips, please contact our team here at On Pointe Concierge today.